Space Rogues 5: So This is Earth?

Wil never planned to go home again.

Plans change.


Hired by one of the most powerful people in the Galactic Commonwealth to retrieve someone from Earth, a protected planet. A planet that no one in the Galactic Commonwealth is allowed to approach let alone land on

Wil has reservations, the crew wants more bacon. They take the job.


Get in, grab the target, get bacon, and get out.

Easy right?



Things go downhill fast.

While Wil has been off saving the galaxy (more than once, thank you very much), Earth has been busy on projects of their own. None of them good for anyone else.


Not to mention their target isn’t what they expected.

Now Wil and the crew of the Ghost have to decide what to do next.


All while trying not to die, as usual.

There’s also the matter of Bennie not wanting to be dissected!

See what happens when homecomings go sideways.

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SR5 Ebook Cover
  • Available: December 23, 2019
  • Print Length: 312
  • Published by: Rogue Publishing ltd


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