Space Rogues 6: War and Peace

Sometimes the jobs are simple, deliver a crate.

Sometimes the crate is full of space bees and Bennie opens it.

Gabe is back from his mission of leading a droid civil rights movement and seems to have been more or less successful.

A new client approaches the crew, escort and protection detail for a summit. That sounds easy, and the pay is good.

Turns out the Galactic Commonwealth is only partly run by the governing council…Things, as they do, turn sideways and now the Ghost is hiding from a super-advanced warship that shouldn’t exist.

Turns out one of their previous clients is far eviler than they ever imagined, and someone they thought worthless turns out to be a valuable ally. Who doesn’t like learning new things?!

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SR6 Ebook Cover
  • Available: April 15, 2020
  • Print Length: TBD
  • Published by: Rogue Publishing ltd

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