Space Rogues 2: Coming Spring 2018

You can read a sample (chapter 1) here. (Link will be live when Space Rogues 2 is published.) Wil and the crew of the Ghost seem incapable of staying out of Galaxy-Changing events. The crew of the Ghost has spent months privateering for the Harrith Government. It’s fun, it’s lucrative, and it keeps the army […]

Space Rogues: The Epic Adventures of Wil Calder, Space Smuggler

You can read a sample (chapter 1) here. Wil Calder is an astronaut when his experimental spacecraft breaks down near Neptune. What a crappy way to go, don’t you think? Alone in the deep dark of space. Except that’s not how the story ends; it’s how it begins. He’s rescued by alien space outlaws and his […]

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