WIP Thursday 9/26 – A little something new

So, while I love the crew of the Ghost and plan to chronicle their adventures for as long as I can, I’ve been toying with something new. I’m not going to give you a ton of back story yet for this new cast of misfits, you’ll have to meet then when they say “hello world” sometime early in 2020. “She’s on her way.” Scarlett replied. “OK, cool. Now, about Edward. Can it harass that other boat? I promise if it buys the farm I’ll buy you a new one.” “Uh, you were buying me a new one anyway, remember Jacob, he’s dead.” “He is a drone, but ok sure. I’ll get you two drones.” Jason sighed, rolling his eyes. “I heard that.” Sofia turned, suppressing a chuckle. “Just do it…

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Space Rogues 5 Cover reveal/WIP

Space Rogues 5 is officially with the editor! So… while I work on ideas for Space Rogues 6 (and a new series I hope you’ll enjoy) I took a bit of time to work on the cover. I’m not 100% sure this is the final version, but it’s the idea I’m going for. What do you think? I wanted to show the Ghost landed (You’ll have to get your copy when it comes out to find out where she’s landed), and wanted to see what it would look like to have her in a forest clearing.  

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People Asked me Things. I Answered

I’ve been trying to get out more and get some author interviews and such. Why? Because any part of business is promotion and brand building, so the more places my name comes up, the better. You know, it theory :) Not only am I going go talk up each interview, but the source, because both are great! Round About Creative Chaos This is actually my second interview, I know the hosts through my conference business, and my first interview was all about that. It’s a fun listen too. This interview was taped on location at 360|iDev, and was a blast, especially because Jean and Joe are awesome (co-interviewees with literary backstories) but also because it took place after another event so we had a room of people to engage with…

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Space Rogues 2: Hot off the …. Presses?

Here it is! To say I’m excited is an understatement! The excitement is compounded by the upcoming wide release of not just Space Rogues 2, but of Space Rogues 1. Space Rogues 1 will be available on all the digital platforms on June 3. Space Rogues 2 will be available June 29! Both books are available for pre-order on all platforms right now! Go get ’em!   I’m really happy with everything about Space Rogues 2: Big Ship, Lots of Guns. The cover is amazing, I think the writing is pretty solid (My editor agrees!) and I think the universe I’m building is taking even more shape. We’re meeting more people and visiting more places, I’m gonna need an atlas soon!   I decided to take my work wide for…

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