Space Rogues 4 Release Date!

So, I sent out the newsletter, but here’s the super official, 100% public announcement. More official right? shrug. Space Rogues 4: Stay Warm, Don’t Die releases July 26th. I was hoping for sooner, like April, but you know, life, lemons, lemonade all that. I’m actually¬†doing final proofreading now having received the edited copy from my editor, and it’s funny, I finished SR4 moths ago, this is actually the longest gap between finishing the 1st draft and releasing the book. I’d already started to forget things, and in the re-read am laughing to myself as I watch the crew go about this latest adventure.   So, that said, please head over to the store of your choice (They’re all listed here) and pre-order so you can enjoy this latest adventure of…

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An Update on being ‘Wide’

I should be writing. Space Rogues 4 is almost done with the editor and Space Rogues 5 is about 2/3 written. But I was sitting in my office thinking about sales. I put SR4 up for Pre-Order today (Friday the 14th), so that I’d have a target. July 26th is the day. So I was uploading placeholder files to those stores that require them and thinking about my sales across the ebook ecosystem. Things have continue to change. While Amazon is still crushing the competition, they’re collectively nipping at Bezo’s heels more and more each week (I calculate this chart every Monday). Individually none are even close to 10% yet, but together they’re Voltron’ing their way into that Amazon pie. Given Barnes & Noble’s cut, I’m very curious to see…

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When I was in third grade a Yo-Yo master (I assume that was his title, if not it should have been) came to our school. I don’t know why, other than maybe to sell Yo-yo’s. He was amazing. Imagine the most amazing exhibit of skill with a tool like a sword or baton, now replace the tool with a yo-yo. It was something like that. So we had this assembly, all of us were wow’ed by the yo-yo tricks the master and his lackeys performed. Then it ended with “You can buy a yo-yo in back” or something like that. I don’t recall the specifics, it was 3rd grade after all. The key takeaway is that I ended up with a yo-yo. Not the one pictured, that’s my new yo-yo….

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