Flex work in Denver

by John Wilker in community, Consulting, Technology

I don’t post stuff like this often, but a company my friend Devin works for, is looking to open a dev office in Denver, and won’t unless they find the talent to fill it. And since I miss our annual lunches :) I’m posting the details. I know there’s Flex’ers in Denver so here’s a […]

Getting itemRenderer position in an Advanced dataGrid

by John Wilker in Consulting, Work

I was working on a project that required me to replicate MS Access type functionality, in Flex. One of those tasks was clicking into a cell in the datasheet view and knowing what column I selected, so that I could change that column’s datatype. I also have to know which cell specifically was clicked so […]

Timetracking challenge, complete!

by John Wilker in Business, Consulting, Technology

And the winner is! Harvest! What brought Harvest in for the win? Namely the free acct, since I don’t do enough concurrent projects the price for the basic was bit steep at this time. But more than that, the iPhone/iNewton interface was nice, and the invoicing, superb. Freshbooks invoicing was my biggest sticking point. Getting […]

Been a little quiet

What with 360|Flex San Jose in under 30 days, planning Ignite Denver getting officially started, working on a really cool project for UM, keeping busy on The Flex Show, oh and trying to have a life, man oh man. 360|Flex: We’re in the home stretch, which means spending money, mainly. Ordering shirts, books, signage, plenty […]