Apple Carplay is so close

For my birthday i got a Pioneer head unit that brought carplay to my car. It’s nice, it really is, but there’s much room for improvement. SO. MUCH. In fact this post was started months ago and now having lived through a few OS releases, my opinion is less. I’m beginning to wonder if CarPlay […]

Event Consulting

I just wrapped up RWDevCon, which by all measures was a huge success. Kudos to Ray Wenderlich and his amazing team. I handled logistics, and Ray’s team put together an amazing two days of tutorial based content. For my part, things went well I think. Nothing too crazy came up with the hotel, the other […]

“This hotel internet is amazing” Said No One Ever.

“This hotel internet is amazing” Said No One Ever. As much as I’ve enjoyed hosting my events at Marriotts, and as much as I’ve enjoyed staying at Marriotts (all but one hotel on my recent Hong Kong trip were Marriotts), this move by Marriott is likely going to keep me away, at least as much […]

So, I went to Hong Kong

by John Wilker in 360|iDev, Business, reviews, Travel

tl; dr; Had a great time, I’d go back. Their mass transit is amazing. Long but I hope a good/interesting read. I went for two reasons, Tom had asked me to go with him (he was attending a conference), and I figured I’d see if Hong Kong had an iOS community and would make for […]