WIP Thur–Friday 4/3 High Stakes

The crew of the Ghost often finds themselves on the bad side of someone, whether it’s pirates, mega-corporations or powerful politicians. Sometimes it goes better than others. The Ghost is standing where they left her. The two hover vans that brought the work crew are still parked near the starboard engine nacelle.Wil is out of breath by the time they get close enough to the ship to see the first body. A quilant man is sprawled at the foot of the cargo ramp.“Oh dren.” Cynthia swears as she kneels to check the being. She looks at her friend and shakes her head once. The three of them draw their sidearms and walk up the ramp slowly. Zephyr is in the lead. At the top of the ramp are two more…

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WIP Thursday 3/26 The importance of Physical Fitness

We all know the importance of physical fitness (I’m typing this on a day I chose to sleep in vs. work out), President Reagan used to make us do sit ups in school for crying out loud. It’s fun to have Wil be the punching bag sometimes. He’s cocky so it’s a little comeuppance. Wil has changed out of his normal shipboard jumpsuit and into a tank top and shorts. Maxim is similarly dressed. The big Palorian looks at his Captain, a head shorter than him, “I’ll go easy on ya.”“It hasn’t been that long.” Wil says defensively.Maxim tilts his head, “Do you even remember the last time you trained?”“Well no, I mean I don’t mark it in my calendar or anything.”“Almost eight months.” Maxim points to Wil’s midsection, “You’ve…

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Selling when things are shit

I won’t lie, two weeks ago, we wrapped up Ignite Denver a few days before social distancing was the order the day (we were about two days before the venue decided to close up). I thought, “You know this sucks, but things will continue like normal, more or less. It’ll just be inconvenient for a while.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. We’re now in week two of social isolation and self-quarantine. Everything is closed except grocery stores, pharmacies and (here in CO) dispensaries. 180,000 people in CO filed for unemployment last week. Things are shit. People (rightfully so, I mean tomorrow is scary, four months might as well be four years from now) aren’t thinking about conferences. They’re not buying tickets, not signing up to speak. Sponsors are waiting…

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Selling Wide, still

I got an email from a reader the other day asking if the Space Rogues series would be in Kundle Unlimited (KU) anytime soon. Sadly the answer was (and will be) ‘no.’ I completely understand the ask (I’m a paying subscriber to KU), it’s a massive boon for voracious readers. It’s also pretty horrible for authors in that it is zero sum, and rife with cheating. I’ve talked about being wide several times (here, and here) and figured it was time to talk a little about it again. Since we’re at the beginning of a new year I decided to share how things are split. This is also why I don’t want to go the KU route. Amazon is still the biggest piece of my pie, but it’s shrinking. Those…

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