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I decided around mid-year to start putting myself out there as an author, like in person, in front of other people, outside my house. On top of looking for opportunities, I said yes to any that came along. To date, I’ve had: A two-hour spot at MileHiCon (see here. They’re not written off, but close) A booth (two days) at Rocky Mtn Con Three 2 hour blocks at the CO Country Christmas Gift Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. This was via CAL Who had a large co-op booth. A local Author happy hour at my local (and excellent) indie bookstore, BookBar. The Events It’s been a mixed bag to be sure. MileHiCon was a bust. But it was only for two hours. During Rocky Mtn Con, there were a…

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My First Con(vention) Experience

So this past weekend participated in MileHiCon. It was… Just ok. I don’t put any blame on the organizing team per se. It sounds like last year they went really big (50th Anniversary), and this year the programming chair took ill and ignored (Probably rightly if they were ill) email starting in April (Not sure why they didn’t say something sooner, shrug) I had a 2 hour slot in the Author Co-Op, a shared table space next to Author’s Row. I also had a seat on a panel. I ended up paying for an extra ticket (I bought a ticket for nicole and myself at the end of September) but that’s ok, it wasn’t a lot, and the volunteers didn’t seem to have a ton of information (even those assigned…

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See You at Mile High Con 51!

This is officially my first public thing as a writer! A panel at MileHighCon 51 I’m on a panel Saturday (the 19th) at 7pm. It’s about Self publishing and platforms like KDP, Createspace and Ingram Spark. Should be fun! I applied for a spot in author’s Alley but alas was not selected so if you want to get a signed copy of Space Rogues you’ll have to literally walk up to me and ask. I’ll try to have a backpack full of them :)   I’ll be honest I’ve never been to MileHighCon before, but that’s more oversight than anything else. I’ve never been a crowds person, so conventions are rarely my scene. Of course now I’ve selected yet another occupation where I don’t get to hide in a cave…

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A Tale of Two Covers

So, last week I posted the first take on the cover for Space Rogues 5: So This is Earth? (I hadn’t settled on the subtitle yet, but I like this one). I also sent that cover to my newsletter (You’re on it right? Lots of fun and perks there!) As folks began chiming in with their thoughts I started tinkering on a cover that’s more thematically similar to the rest of the series. It’s below next to the first pass at a cover.                         So I’m curious now (I know, I just asked) about which you prefer? I actually feel more drawn to cover two. Like I said, It’s thematically in line with the series (the Ghost in space/over…

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