WIP Thursday (7/9) Space Travel has Down Time

Lots of down time. FTL is great, but unless your entire story is blink of an eye travel, you gotta deal with getting from one place to another. An hour or so later Steve walked into the common area, Naomi and Lori were on their second pot of coffee, “Morning all.” He rubbed his dark brown hair then ran his hand down his face. He looked at the two women, their eyes boring holes inLori looked up, “Good morning to you too.” Something in the way she said those five words caused Steve to blush. He quickly turned away, reaching into the cupboard to grab first one, then a second coffee cup.Jax walked in, “Morn—“ Steve shoved a cup of coffee at him.Both women turned their stares from Steve to…

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WIP Thursday – This is Awkward

Somewhere in the first half of the adventure I’m really enjoying this new series. It started as a “I gotta get this story bit out of my head” but already I’m thinking of the next adventure for Jackson and the others in this universe with a freshly minted Empire. When Jax came up the stairs, he found mister Ichiko and Lori sitting at the small table near the kitchenette looking over a tablet while Steve was watching what looked like an episode of Star Trek: The New Adventures. Not one of the better episodes Jax noticed. “Oh good, you’re all here.” He made a come-on motion, “This is uh, my, er, girlfriend. Naomi.”“Your—“ Lori started.“Girlfriend?” Naomi finished, then coughed, “Girlfriend, yeah, hi. We met a few weeks ago, one of…

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WIP Tuesday “Make New Friends

Jackson “Jax” Caruso doesn’t have many human friends. He certainly doesn’t welcome just anyone into his circle. Jax took a sip of his beer then said, “Looks like we’re down a Delphino, any chance they’ll let you adjust the food order?” He took a bite of the burger. Even though he knew it wasn’t beef he closed his eyes and let a low moan escape his lips.“Uh, what’re you doing?” His nav droid friend asked. “You better not be —“Jax swallowed, “I’m eating lunch you perv. Can you change the order?”“I’ll see what they say, but don’t hold your breath. Oh, you had a visitor.”“Yeah?” Jax pressed. He took another bite, careful that time to conceal the moan of pleasure. Lucas had a gift for spicing the vat meat enough…

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WIP Thursday 6/4 – Machete!

For those that have been reading the Space Rogues series, you know meals/food are important. The crew of the Ghost does a lot during meals. When they have guests/clients, the meals get even more interesting. The meal is delicious and the conversation light. As Wil and Cynthia clear the dishes he calls to everyone, “Ok, I think it’s time we introduce our guest to the wonders that are Star Wars. We’ll watch them in the appropriate order of course.” He makes a slashing motion, “Machete!” He accents the word, for no one’s benefit but his own.Jarek Ruus, sitting on the sofa next to Zephyr and Maxim opens his mouth to ask something and Zephyr rests a hand on the older man’s knee, “Don’t ask. The last time this came up…

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