Grab a few awesome ebooks for the long weekend!

Ready for a nice long weekend full of airborne explosions and grilling? Why not grab a few awesome ebooks to read by the pool while you digest all that fantastic picnic food? I’m part of a cool giveaway with a bunch of other indie authors, take a look, grab some books! Giveaways like this are a great way for indie authors to build up their email list and find new fans. I like to participate in them from time to time, for that exact reason. You never know when the freebie book you download will be one of your all-time favorites. So, take a look, worst case you delete those books you don’t enjoy, best case you find your latest favorite!

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Space Rogues 4 Release Date!

So, I sent out the newsletter, but here’s the super official, 100% public announcement. More official right? shrug. Space Rogues 4: Stay Warm, Don’t Die releases July 26th. I was hoping for sooner, like April, but you know, life, lemons, lemonade all that. I’m actually doing final proofreading now having received the edited copy from my editor, and it’s funny, I finished SR4 moths ago, this is actually the longest gap between finishing the 1st draft and releasing the book. I’d already started to forget things, and in the re-read am laughing to myself as I watch the crew go about this latest adventure.   So, that said, please head over to the store of your choice (They’re all listed here) and pre-order so you can enjoy this latest adventure of…

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WIP Thursday– er– Monday 5/27

I know, i’m not very good at keeping on these. What’re ya gonna do? At least I’m not making you wait until this Thursday Anyhow, Space Rogues 5 is coming along nicely. A few minutes later Zephyr looks up from her console, “We’re clear of Tarsis space control. Half a tock to FTL distance.” “Cool deal.” Wil says, releasing his controls, activating the automatic flight control. “Be right back.” He gets up and leaves the bridge. Zephyr looks at Maxim who shrugs and looks at Cynthia. She also shrugs, “I don’t plan his every minute you know. I’ve no idea where he’s going.” Maxim looks at Zephyr, “See, partners don’t have to know where each other are every minute of the day.” Zephyr says nothing but doesn’t take her eyes…

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