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I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t buy paper books any more. I love paper books. I used to have hundreds of them. Then i moved. Then I moved again, and again. Books are freaking heavy. I’d end up with a box that was half books and half bathroom stuff just so the box isn’t 9,000 pounds. I’ve had times in my life where I travel a lot, lugging books around sucks. My Kobo has my entire library on it. Anyway, there are other ways to support indie Bookstores. My local store, Bookbar created a VIP program. I signed up immediately (I’m member #7). Back when the world wasn’t on fire, I’d go down to write and sip something (Coffee, beer, wine in no particular order). I’d go to…

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Feeling Scammed by Apple

So I mentioned trading in my MacBook Air as part of my Mac Mini purchase. When the Mini arrived, I did the transfer dance migrating my laptop settings, files, etc over. Then I shipped the Macbook air (In Apple’s provided trade in packaging. You can see in the pic in that post, that the machine at least externally looked pristine. Sadly I didn’t feel the need to take pictures of the laptop from other angles prior to shipping. Why would I? I trust Apple. Lesson Learned. During the purchase of the Mini Apple offered $610 for the laptop. I’ve never done their trade-in thing before, opting to sell on eBay, but $610 was a good-ish offer (I felt) and saved me dealing with eBay. According to their docs, it takes…

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Clone Wars – Just… Wow.

Wow, I mean I know I said that already, but wow. I watched the final episode of Clone Wars, and it took some processing. I recently talked about Star Wars and how the Clone Wars really was a redeeming factor for the franchise. The series finale really sealed that deal. Clone Wars will definitely be cemented as some of the best Star Wars story telling ever, after this season. I hope they release (otherwise I’ll have to do it) the final four episodes as a single 2 hour story. I won’t spoil it or anything, but man, this is the wrap up to the prequels we deserved. Great Closure and So Many Questions. I can’t imagine a better way to wrap the series. We got a lot of closure, there…

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