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I’ve always loved watches. I’ve written before about how I don’t (anymore) own an Apple Watch. They’re fine, especially now that they last more than half a day, but still not for me. I was going through my watch box (I need a bigger one) moving a few pieces back into their boxes as I just don’t wear them much compared to others. I decided to put my first Swatch in the box now that there was room. I’d had watches before this, always digital. IIRC this swatch, that my mom took me to Mervyn’s to buy was my first analog watch. It’s the Blue Jet, circa 1990. I loved this thing. I bought a glow in the dark ‘Swatch Guard’ for it. Since it was my first analog watch…

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I’m just not super into Picard

So I’ve been watching the new Star Trek: Picard show. It’s fun, I’ll keep watching but I’m not really invested. We’re only 5 episodes in and there’s a lot of “Oh, really?” type of plot elements and McGuffins. Visual Effects While it doesn’t bother me a ton as I don’t watch Star Trek: Discovery, using the CGI assets from that show (set some 150 years prior) is funny, and lazy. Surely they could have used some of their holographic interface budget to render more era ‘correct’ shuttles. Heck render up TNG era shuttles, they’d look more reasonable. I know CGI effects are super cheap to use now relative to even a decade, let alone two or three ago, but I think Picard suffers from the “Just because you can do…

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I failed my 2019 reading challenge.

I’ve been doing the Goodreads reading challenge since, well I think since they started. This is the first year I’ve failed. It’s a bummer for sure, but (Without looking to confirm) this is the first year in a while where I read a fair bit of business books. I’ve spent nearly a decade kinda burnt out on them after reading nothing but business books for years. As I’ve gotten more and more serious about becoming a full-time author though there’s a lot to learn about the business side (plus the craft side as well) and I realize that I read non-fiction much slower than I read fiction. Between re-reading bits, and taking time to digest things, it just slows down the consumption quite a bit. Which isn’t a bad thing….

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