Can i get streaming media? Pretty please?

Turns out, with the Motorola Xoom, the answer is no. Hulu. No. Lots of devices including the Nexus one. Really? the Nexus One has the hardware but the xoom doesn’t? Ok not lots. Far from lots. Hundreds of handsets and tablets on the market now, and 6 can run hulu. I retract “lots” I like […]

Blackberry playbook, so close, so very very far

No Hulu, no netflix, no Kindle, no Email/calendar, no twitter client… just to name a few glaring shortcomings. Awesome screen, great size, interesting and capable OS just to name a few of it’s strongest points. I got my playbook (finally) about 2 weeks ago, and was holding off on my review to give it a […]

We’re all busy, stop saying it and do something

I see this on twitter, and in real life face-to-face conversations a lot, “blah blah, working on something awesome, super super busy” or some other fairly douchey version of that sentence. Typically said by the same people over and over, as if saying something like that makes you cool, as if repeating it somehow makes […]

What I think @jwikert misses about Ads in eBooks

I agree that there’s no real reason to not have ads in eBooks. If I can continue to pay what I pay for an ad free version, or pay 1/2 the price for an ad supported book, fine, why not. Some people (like Joe it seems) are totally cool with that. So long as the […]