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I don’t own a laptop anymore

For the first time in twenty-odd years, I don’t own a laptop. This past weekend, I fedex’ed my MacBook Air (With the shitty keyboard. Thanks, Tim Cook) back to apple for trade-in credit on a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is great, it’s way more powerful than the MacBook Air, which is a plus, but wasn’t super necessary outside of making video editing and possibly running my upcoming online conferences easier. I really liked the Air, except for it’s keyboard. I bought it knowing it wasn’t outrageously powerful, which for conference organizing and writing was just fine. Except the keyboard made writing agonizing. keys would repeat, keys would not activate, all randomly and never the same behavior in a row, so my manuscripts would be riddled with repeated words, wrong…

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Welcome Expedition Inc. to the Family

I’ve alluded to it in my newsletter, and I’ve started setting up the back end stuff (Like the Newsletter link to opt into Expedition Inc. Specific news) I’ve just received book 1 back from the editor and am prepping it for ARC readers (want to be one? Sign up). This is a bit of a departure while staying in my zone. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you like the dynamic of the crew of the Ghost, you’ll love the Expedition Inc. Team. Expedition inc. is set on Earth just a little bit in the future. I’m aiming for more action adventure than scifi. I’m aiming to launch Expedition Inc. #1 – Island of Secrets sometime in the fall.

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Coming to a 3D Printer Near You

I’ve never been a table top gamer, ever. No particular reason. I did have miniatures. I’d often buy pre-painted ones from the local hobby store when I was a kid in Torrence. So, yeah, I like miniatures. So when I stumbled upon Hero Forge, I knew I’d have to design the crew. Fair warning, Hero Forge can be a time suck, even if you’re not into miniatures! It’s so addictive! Anyhow, I’ve created the crew in miniature (within the constraints of the system) and I’ve released Wil and Zephyr to start. Right now you have to print them yourself. Your purchase is license to print (but not modify) the characters as much as you like. My goal is to offer pre-printed miniatures (You still gotta pain ’em), but that’s gonna…

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Giving Amazon less of my money

You know the saying, putting my money where my mouth is. Well over the weekend I finally decided to further increase my distance from Amazon. I’m going to move away from my Kindle. I know, right? More and more, over the last year it has become obvious that Amazon and Jeff Bezos are not just too powerful, but too evil. I had, until now, been against Kindle Unlimited as an author, but (slightly) ok with it as a reader. I’ve canceled my KU subscription. Nothing against those authors making a killing in it, but it’s not a model I can support any more. So, what now? I already use Calibre to manage my ebook library; downloading my Amazon purchases and storing them locally, so it’s just been a matter of…

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