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Meet the crew of the Ghost – Wil Calder

Saving the Captain for last, because, well, it’s Wil. I’ve had a mental image of the crew of the Ghost in my head pretty much from the start. It’s actually been a struggle because I know what everyone more or less looks like, so it’s easy for me to not mention it when writing, which makes it, you know, tough on readers to picture the characters. I’m working on it. Throwing in bits and pieces here and there. That said though, I’ve decided to start fleshing the crew out. I’ve commissioned an artist that I found on twitter to do some illustrations of the crew.   Dan has done an amazing job with the crew, I couldn’t be more happy with his work. Hopefully, no one is completely disillusioned with…

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Is it just me or is ‘omnibus’ just a cool word that sounds super technical and imposing, despite being a synonym for ‘box set’? At any rate, regardless of our opinion of the word ‘omnibus’, I’m releasing one. With Space Rogues 4 in beta readers’ hands, I’m working on a little side(ish) project, an omnibus of Space Rogues books 1 through 3. As a fun bonus, it’ll include ‘Merry Garthflak, Wil‘ the short story set shortly after Book 1. The other fun thing with this is that (at least right now) I’m playing with cover ideas. I like using all three iterations of the Ghost on the cover, showing it’s evolution as the books have progressed. It’s either going to be this, or just images of the existing book covers,…

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WIP Thursday 3/14 Arch-Nemsis Edition

I wish there was a scene involving pie that I could share on PI day, because, holy meta Batman. Alas I don’t so am not. What I do have is Cynthia re-evaluating certain choices in her life. Cynthia asks, “Do we know what this end game is?” Maxim shakes his head, “Only that the ultimate goal is some type of take over of the GC, with Palorians replacing the Tarsi as top of the galactic food chain.” Cynthia’s tail straightens, “That can’t be good.” “I have an arch nemesis.” Wil says, having not stopped paying attention to the conversation a few minutes ago. Bon looks at Cynthia, “Is he serious?” She wrinkles her cat-like nose, “Sadly, yes.” She turns to Wil, “He’s dangerous, this isn’t funny.” “Babe, arch nemesis.” Wil…

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The Ghost is getting a Makeover

Technically she got one already for book three. The awesome Ian Bristow rendered up a ‘new and improved’ Ghost for that book cover. I love Ian’s take on the Ghost. One of my big plans for this (and the end of last) year was consolidating the look of the Ghost. For the eagle-eyed among you, she’s changed looks with each cover. That’s largely because each cover has been created by a different artist, which is kinda cool in it’s own right. That said, I love consistency My grand plan moving forward is to have amazing backgrounds for each cover, but the Ghost be a constant. We’re getting there. I’m working with the awesome Sean Tourangeau On the next iteration of the Ghost. Above is the first WIP he’s sent me….

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