Why I voted No on 66

For those who are quick to judge, it’s NOT because I’m anti education, or anti kids, or anything like that. In fact I’m very pro educated populace. I’ve seen idiocracy and if you haven’t you should. It’s one of those parody movies that hits a little close to home… To me, Amendment 66 had a […]

Happy Election Day!

by John Wilker in politics, Random

Did you vote? If yes, good for you. If no, go do it right now. There’s no excuse for not exercising your rights as an American. Think the race is sewed up? Don’t fool yourself, as we’ve seen in the past, every vote counts. Stop what you’re doing right now and find your polling place, […]

Vote. It’s important.

by John Wilker in politics, Random

I’ll be honest, i don’t care who you voted for. I care that voted. I posted this to facebook but wanted to post it here too. I decided to share how I voted this year. I voted Obama (no surprise) and Democrat on the various seats and such. I voted Yes on S. I can’t […]

Snobbish goes both ways @vcarrolldp

This Sunday while sipping my coffee and reading the Sunday paper (We get one print paper a week, the Sunday) i came across an opinion piece by Vincent Carroll titled “Too Good for Walmart”. Read it here (assuming the Denver Post website doesn’t screw up the link). I loved how from the beginning Carroll takes the […]