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WIP Thursday 3/26 The importance of Physical Fitness

We all know the importance of physical fitness (I’m typing this on a day I chose to sleep in vs. work out), President Reagan used to make us do sit ups in school for crying out loud. It’s fun to have Wil be the punching bag sometimes. He’s cocky so it’s a little comeuppance. Wil has changed out of his normal shipboard jumpsuit and into a tank top and shorts. Maxim is similarly dressed. The big Palorian looks at his Captain, a head shorter than him, “I’ll go easy on ya.”“It hasn’t been that long.” Wil says defensively.Maxim tilts his head, “Do you even remember the last time you trained?”“Well no, I mean I don’t mark it in my calendar or anything.”“Almost eight months.” Maxim points to Wil’s midsection, “You’ve…

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WIP Thursday 3/19 – Deep Thoughts

I have been, well lax would be generous, on WIP Thursday posts. Partly because it can be tough to pick a scene that doesn’t give anything away. BUT I wrote one last weekend that I liked and made me chuckle, so here we are. Cynthia steps out of the small refresher compartment in the quarters she and Wil share. He’s sitting on the edge of the bed. She adjusts her towel and sits next to him placing an arm around his shoulders, “You ok?” She looks at his grime covered body and removes her arm, “Touching after showers.” She mumbles examining the fine hairs on her arm to see if she needs another shower.Wil grins, “Just thinking.”When he doesn’t immediately continue Cynthia pushes, “About what?”Wil shrugs, “Well, Rey was palatines…

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Meet the Crew of the Ghost – Gabe

GBE-102002 (Gabe to his friends) starts out as an engineering bot. Designed to spend his entire existence in an engineering department. Gabe goes through some significant changes as the series progresses (no spoilers!) He’s often the straight man or foil for the team. Wil wasn’t initially on board but has quickly come to consider Gabe one of his best friends. He’s straight-forward and blunt and rarely cares to get involved with, as he puts it, “tedious banter”. Dan really captured Gabe here. He’s constantly tinkering and most at home in the engineering spaces of the Ghost. Most of the time the crew interacts with him via the ship’s intercom. Gabe can be tough to write since he stays in engineering most of the time, he’s not around for the discussions…

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Meet the Crew of the Ghost – Bennie

Ben-Ari Vulvo is a Brailack. He’s also an asshole. He met Wil early on in Wil’s career as a smuggler, helping him get an ident (Space drivers license) and a clean, albeit fake, transponder id for the Ghost (Then the Reaper). When Wil brought Maxim and Zephyr to Fury for clean idents of their own, he sent them to Bennie. After some sewer crawling and general abraisiveness, Bennie and the wayward ex-Peacekeepers make it back to the Ghost and begin a life of being “Space Rogues”. Bennie has issues with personal space and property, often hacking into Wil’s personal data archive to watch Earth movies and TV shows. He also views door locks as minor inconveniences and often visits the rooms of his crewmates when they’re not around. Often ‘borrowing’…

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