Join the Crew of the Ghost!

What’s worse than being stranded in a damaged experimental spacecraft? Being rescued by alien smugglers, and told you can never return home, might be a contender.

That’s what happened to Wil Calder, and now he’s the Captain of the Ghost. It turns out being the only human in the galaxy not in our own solar system is lonely.

Finding a crew seems like the best way to fix the loneliness problem, too bad it opens the door to problems that make being lonely look like a walk in the park.

Wil’s stable but boring life is turned upside down, shaken like it owes someone money, and then pushed into a dark room of angry honey badgers. Maybe being lonely wasn’t so bad.

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Space Rogues is a sci-fi adventure crisscrossing the galaxy. If you love Farscape, Guardians of the Galaxy or Dark Matter, you’ll love ‘Space Rogues’ and the crew of the Ghost.

Great book if you like sci-fi books like a privateer tales

Sci-Fi that doesn’t take itself too seriously

Who doesn’t like a fun fast adventure with loveable characters? That’s what Space Rogues delivers.  Flawed but fun characters, because who doesn’t like a little excitement?

The most fun I’ve had reading in a long time. The pace of the story is riveting, is Buck Rogers still alive? Can’t wait for the sequel

A Series You’ll love coming back to

This is the first of many stories of the crew of the Ghost and their adventures. I’m super excited to see what other adventures the crew stumbles into. Who doesn’t like meeting new people and seeing new places? Even if they’re trying to kill or eat you?

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What are readers saying?

Did not put down, looking forward to the next round!

I can’t wait for the next round. Great Character development, we are introduced to all the main characters and a story is spun that will keep you turning pages! My feeling from the plot is that there will be way more books to come as many backstories and sub plots were woven into a great yarn.

Fun space adventure!

Space Rouges is a fun lighthearted space adventure with some memorable characters that will definitely keep you laughing. Highly recommended!

This was an outstanding first novel in what appears to be the start of an enjoyable series.

One of the positive things I liked about this authors presentation style is that he doesn’t shove his “Science” “in-your-face’ with impossible to explain physics that some authors attempt in this genre.

Fun space romp

I’m always reading sci-fi and thought this one sounded interesting. I was not disappointed. The basic premise that sets the situation is plausible enough to feel like this could happen one day. It took a few pages to get me hooked but I did need to know how it turned out. Glad i followed it through. Looking forward to more stories from the Ghost crew.


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