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All Things SciFi (and No Spam)

Signing up for my scifi mailing list not only will get you fun (and, in my opinion, AWESOME) emails in your inbox once or twice a month but you’ll also be invited to be a part of my Rogues Gallery.

Rogues Gallery, you say?

I do say! Behind a super-secret and impossible-to-guess password is a treasure trove of great stuff.

  • Deck plans
  • Bonus shorts
  • Character drawings
  • And much more!

I promise never to spam you. I hate spam, and I know you hate spam (except the yummy canned meat stuff, that’s gold!). If I don’t have something to say, I don’t waste a spot in your inbox.

What you can expect from my author updates are sneak peeks of covers and works in progress, spotlights on other indie authors, and the state of my garden when it’s that appropriate season.


If you’re curious, my privacy policy is here.

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