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Here’s what I’m up to. I can’t believe I haven’t updated this in over a year.

(Great idea @sivers!)

I’ve been at my “day job” now for a year. How weird is that? I’ve been self-employed with 360|Conferences for more than 15 years.

It’s been…. an interesting year.

Only Update of 2023 Edition
  • Work
    • It’s been awesome working for Crawford Group. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary last month. The people are exceptional and the projects/clients are fun as hell. I’m really happy I landed here and I really enjoy what I’m doing.
    • BONUS. I have some control over my hours. My goal this year was 20-30 hours, with more time for writing. More on that below. Even at those hours, I make way more than I paid myself at 360, so… WIN.
    • Downside. I’m hourly. The above flexibility is great, but trading hours for dollars is my least favorite thing.
  • Writing
    • So yeah. “I’ll have so much more time to write” died a slow death this year. My goal was to write about 146,000 words. For me, that’d be two books. Which is my normal pace. I got one book out early in the year (written last year) and only now am crossing over 113,000 words.
      • I had hoped the book I did get written this year would be released, but revisions took forever.
    • Writing just got hard this year. Between figuring out what my work life/balance was and just generally figuring what working meant, writing didn’t get much attention.
      • Being a shit year money from writing-wise didn’t help. I really hope this year was a blip sales-wise.

So, yeah that’s been my 2023. It’s been fun and I’m happy with how things have shaken out post 360|Conferences. I miss the friends I made over the years with the events a lot. But otherwise, I’m ok.

Update log:

November 28, 2023

September 9, 2022

March 20, 2022

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