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Thank You!

Space Rogues 3d coverI hope you enjoyed Space Rogues!

It’s so awesome to be able to tell these stories! As soon as I finish one, the next is itching to get out!

There’s a ton of great sci-fi out there, I’m thrilled you gave me a chance.

Sci-Fi that doesn’t take itself too seriously

Who doesn’t like a fun fast adventure with loveable characters? That’s what Space Rogues delivers. It doesn’t get bogged down trying to explain the physics of FTL or how Gabe works :)


My goal is to write a series You’ll love coming back to

There are so many stories of the crew of the Ghost and their adventures. I’m super excited to see what other adventures the crew stumbles into. Who doesn’t like meeting new people and seeing new places? Even if they’re trying to kill or eat you?

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