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iPhone App review – iFitness

it’s been a while since I talked about an app I really like on my iPhone, so why not.

Since I’m on a bit of an increased fitness kick since I have to fit into my slacks for a wedding, I’m gonna talk about iFitness.

I use two apps to track my fitness, I wish it was only 1, but alas, so far neither of the two does it all.

iFitness rocks for it’s work outs. It has a ton of

activities stored,with pictures and even some video demos. It’s also got some prebuilt work outs, and the ability to create your o

Solution: iCal, gCal, and iPhone. A happy threesome

If you followed my previous post about wanting to trade my Kingdom for a way to sync my iPhone, iCal, and gCal, you know that the current situation for an iPhone owner, with a gCal account is pretty much W.E.A.K.

the blackberry definitely one ups the iPhone in this category.

While I’m not 100% happy with my current solution (Thanks commenter Toby), it’s the best solution I’ve come up with so far. My environment is convoluted for sure, but can’t be unique.

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