Moving to a more iPad oriented life

I’ve always loved the iPad. I’ve owned an iPad since the first one came out. Up until the last few years, despite Apple’s advertising, and die hard fan’s shoehorning, the iPad was mostly for consumption. That’s not a dig. It was an awesome RSS/Blog reader. I love relaxing on Sundays and reading the Washington Post (via app) and Colorado Sun (via browser) while holding my iPad in one hand and my coffee in the other. I love watching TV and movies on flights, reading comics, etc. It was perfect as a media consumption device. Over the last couple of years things started to shift to more actual creation. The Apple Pencil (despite Steve’s insistence that Stylus = failure) opened a major door for creativity on the iPad. I know there…

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Taking Notes When/Wherever

I’m a sucker for a gadget. With that out of the way, I’m also a sucker for writing things down. I’ve notebooks everywhere, but am not a fan of them. I’ve moved most of my note taking to my iPad and Goodnotes (Great app!) But I don’t carry my iPad around all the time. I tried carrying a Fieldnote and pen, didn’t love it. I got an awesome looking leather bound notebook, that looks awesome and kinda old-timey archeologist, but it’s a bit heavy, and I forget to grab it a lot. Then I stumbled across the Mobiscribe. It’s about as basic a gadget as you can get. Eink screen like a Kindle. Android OS. Passive stylus. Wifi. No Bluetooth. That’s it. It doesn’t ship with an email client or…

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Taking my Writing Wide (Or, Bye Amazon Kindle Unlimited)

Amazon is Capricious. There’s been a lot of hubbub in the indie author community of late, almost all of it related to Amazon’s treatment of authors. Namely; Review stripping, Kindle Unlimited page reads stripping, account suspensions, and more. All with no recourse for those affected. Any email from Amazon will likely include horrible news, with zero you can do to challenge the outcome. Of course, it’s their right to do as they choose, and really they care about the “customer”, not the supplier. Stripped of page reads because of bots? Too bad for you. Half your reviews removed? That’s too bad. Amazon loves bots and machine learning, except their systems, suck. They can’t identify accounts using bots, only the results of bot usage, so they punish those people. They can’t…

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