Time tracking and billing, whatchu usin

by John Wilker in Consulting, I am a Consumer, Mac, Technology

I think Sean Corfield asked this question a while back, I remember following it with interest. Now it’s my turn to bring it up again. I’ve been using my home grown solution for years. I really like it, but in moving servers and such, it’s had problems. The admin section doesn’t work since the stored […]

Time Machine over the network no love

by John Wilker in Business, Mac, Technology

I have a Seagate 250GB drive that I was using for Time Machine. Locally it was great Then Apple updated the AIR port base station. SWEET. I’ve got two macs, a MBP and a MBA. The MBA uses a smaller 40gb drive hung off the Airport station, and backs up like a champ. I’ve got […]

MacBook AIR limitation 1, solved

it’s well known that Steve J didn’t think any more than 1 USB port was needed on a laptop, never mind that Dell’s ship with like 8, whatever. For those with USB port EVDO cards, all that’s needed is a USB extension, since to date, I think only 1 EVDO modem actually fits. For those […]

Error -1 unable to unarchive. AAAAHHHHH

So I zipped up some old 360|Flex folders; Atlanta, Seattle, and San Jose 1, and stuff to make some room. So far so good, I could just keep the archive file in the business folder and get in it, if I need it. Enter the MacBook AIR (More on that next), so I figure I’ll […]