The Wrist, Valuable Realestate

I was reading this article the other day, and it pretty much jived with my review(one and two) of the ‘iWatch’ There’s plenty of “I just use my iPhone, why would i want a watch?” people, and that’s fine, as with all things, it takes all kinds. I have a nice large watch box, full […]

The Mobile playground is shrinking, buh bye Nokia

by John Wilker in I am a Consumer, iPhone, Technology

it’s been an interesting few days for those who obsess over mobile stuff, myself included. First HP announced their new WebOS line up. In a word, “sexy”. In another, “too late to market” Ok that’s four words, but still. The current time frame for us to play with a TouchPad or Pre 3. “Summer” not […]

iWatch Review Part two: The Lunatik

I’ve already reviewed the iPod Nano as a watch, this review is an addition to that. Primarily for the Lunatik, watch enclosure. Or “Multi touch watch” as they call it.I got in on this awesome kickstarter project very early, well before they even met their minimum funding level. You can get more info at the […]

AppleTV vs. GoogleTV… Fight!

by John Wilker in I am a Consumer, Mac, reviews, Technology

I’d kill a kitten, maybe 2 for a device that is a goto media center device. What would that be? Well it’d have access to hulu, Netflix, my local music and video files (On a Drobo over SMB), be able to rent content from somewhere (I don’t care whether it’s iTunes, Amazon, etc since I […]