Types of Web Developer

by John Wilker in Technology, Work

In my travels I’ve come across three types of Web Developer. Actually web developer is too specific, programmer is more general of a term. The one who thrives on working in a small environment The enterprise IT programmer (seems to be the most common) A subset of this programmer is the politician. the guy who […]

Not so current any more

by John Wilker in Family, Travel

Well today was the last day of work. I leave for Colorado tonight. It was your typical last day of work, lots of hugs and handshakes. And for me, lots of work. My last day at any job is always a pretty hectic one. I actually had code to write. BC and I talked for […]

Change Management… ARG

by John Wilker in Work

First things first. Backpack fucking rocks!! I’ve been using it to take notes where ever I am on topics I’d like to write about. Now I just gotta write about them. Here’s a rough draft of an essay I’m working on about Change Management in the Enterprise. Change Management professionals have value… Everyone in the […]

Not there yet?

by John Wilker in Work

I’ve been on a pretty high profile project for the last few months. My involvement is on and off, as my component is not all that involved. Some Changes to some CFCs, some modifications of the display pages, not much really. On the other end, to support my efforts, a lot is needed, new Web […]