Bikes, cars, and pedestrians – Can’t we all get along?

I had heard that DPD was cracking down on sidewalk riding, which in general I completely agree with. The problem, as mentioned in this examiner piece is that the three groups can’t get along. I take to the sidewalks in extreme cases, when the road isn’t wide enough for me to feel safe with the cars. I ride slowly, and try to not disturb the peds.

Jake and I were talking about this a bit a while back, that even when we’re driving, we’re more aware than most drivers we see. Because we’re used to being aware. On our bikes is a true safety matter to know what’s going on around you.

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Garage 1, bike rack 0

So what happens when you enter your garage forgetting you have a bike on top of your car? Luckily the bike, unharmed. Which woulda sucked, since it was Nicole’s replacement bike that we bought at the police auction, and had essentially just finished getting into tip top shape for her to ride. It’s interesting that the plastic tire strap snapped and the rail itself (pic one) bent until failure, and the grabber arm, that you tighten on to the bike’s frame, actually let go. I presume that’s by design, and I’m very pleased to only have to buy a new bike rack vs a new bike. The car faired well too, only a slight gouge on teh roof, from the pedal as the bike collapsed on to the roof. Needless…

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