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My First Con(vention) Experience

So this past weekend participated in MileHiCon. It was… Just ok. I don’t put any blame on the organizing team per se. It sounds like last year they went really big (50th Anniversary), and this year the programming chair took ill and ignored (Probably rightly if they were ill) email starting in April (Not sure why they didn’t say something sooner, shrug) I had a 2 hour slot in the Author Co-Op, a shared table space next to Author’s Row. I also had a seat on a panel. I ended up paying for an extra ticket (I bought a ticket for nicole and myself at the end of September) but that’s ok, it wasn’t a lot, and the volunteers didn’t seem to have a ton of information (even those assigned…

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A month of being ‘wide’

So, you may recall I took Space Rogues and went wide at the beginning of June, ‘how’s that been going?’ you ask? Well, it’s going OK-ish.  The biggest ‘downside’ of going wide is losing access to Kindle Unlimited. KU is a hot mess to be sure, scammers are winning while honest indies are losing. Amazon knows and well, says they care, but I don’t think they do. Even though, the page reads were a nice boost month-to-month. SO. Here I am, almost to the end of June, and sales are, well, ok. Not “Oh my God, I’ve made it” But certainly not horrible (but close). Part of going wide is that I can offer Space Rogues 1 at $.99 to (I hope) encourage folks to read through to Space Rogues…

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Check it out! Grab some great free ebooks!

Giveaway Alert! Hey hey! I’m taking part in a group giveaway! Check it out! You can get 15 (well 14, since I assume you have ‘Space Rogues‘ already!) free ebooks! This is a limited time offer, so go get them now! The giveaway ends Dec. 3rd It’s easy: Grab ’em! Read ’em! Review ’em! (This is the biggest part, make sure you do this part!)   That’s it! Enjoy a great collection of free books for your holiday season!

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I’ll Always Vote Optimism

I’ll never stop voting for hope and optimism. There’s been a lot of discussion around the recent vote on Initiative 300 (feel free to read the initiative here and a great Denverite article, here). It passed by a narrow margin and immediately the hand-wringing commenced. The Mayor opposed it, saying it went “too far too fast” That feels like Mayor Hancock’s motto as most of his efforts seem to be closer to “Do little, talk a lot.” Here’s why I voted for it. It’s not an amendment to our state constitution, so while some argue it’s wording isn’t great, it can be revised and adjusted as we collect data on its implementation. It’s the result of builders and the city giving no fucks about Denver’s future. When the government and “The…

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