Coming to a 3D Printer Near You

I’ve never been a table top gamer, ever. No particular reason. I did have miniatures. I’d often buy pre-painted ones from the local hobby store when I was a kid in Torrence. So, yeah, I like miniatures. So when I stumbled upon Hero Forge, I knew I’d have to design the crew. Fair warning, Hero Forge can be a time suck, even if you’re not into miniatures! It’s so addictive! Anyhow, I’ve created the crew in miniature (within the constraints of the system) and I’ve released Wil and Zephyr to start. Right now you have to print them yourself. Your purchase is license to print (but not modify) the characters as much as you like. My goal is to offer pre-printed miniatures (You still gotta pain ’em), but that’s gonna…

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Ever Wonder what Fury Looked Like?

I’m working with the awesome Greg Bahlman on the cover for Space Rogues 7: A Guy Walks Into a Bar and he sent over a quick sketch to show the blocking he’s thinking about. I toyed with a landed Ghost for the cover of Space Rogues 5: So This is Earth? but it was a bit cartoony (Because I did myself with stock assets) and when I polled readers, they weren’t feelin’ it. But for Book 7 it made sense for the cover to show the Ghost in one of her most frequent haunts, a spaceport on the planet Fury; dingy dirtball that it is. Book 7 actually gives us a glimpse of life on Fury beyond the spaceport, market and the space Friday’s the crew hangs out in. I’m…

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Moving to a more iPad oriented life

I’ve always loved the iPad. I’ve owned an iPad since the first one came out. Up until the last few years, despite Apple’s advertising, and die hard fan’s shoehorning, the iPad was mostly for consumption. That’s not a dig. It was an awesome RSS/Blog reader. I love relaxing on Sundays and reading the Washington Post (via app) and Colorado Sun (via browser) while holding my iPad in one hand and my coffee in the other. I love watching TV and movies on flights, reading comics, etc. It was perfect as a media consumption device. Over the last couple of years things started to shift to more actual creation. The Apple Pencil (despite Steve’s insistence that Stylus = failure) opened a major door for creativity on the iPad. I know there…

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Clone Wars (The Star Wars I want)

From the start it’s hard to imagine that The Clone Wars is a children’s show. It’s a cartoon, sure, but for kids? I’d argue not really. But that’s not point here, I don’t care if your kids watch war cartoons or not. I just wanted to share how much I’m loving this (second) final season. As much as love Star Wars, I’m not that big a fan of most of what’s on offer right now (Book, show or movies). I loved much of the now non-canon legends stuff, and in re-watching Clone Wars I’m super stoked to read the High Republic stuff when it starts getting released. One of the things I’ve long been irked by what feels like unimaginative story-telling. The prequels were ok (so long as you ignore…

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