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I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t buy paper books any more. I love paper books. I used to have hundreds of them. Then i moved. Then I moved again, and again. Books are freaking heavy. I’d end up with a box that was half books and half bathroom stuff just so the box isn’t 9,000 pounds. I’ve had times in my life where I travel a lot, lugging books around sucks. My Kobo has my entire library on it. Anyway, there are other ways to support indie Bookstores. My local store, Bookbar created a VIP program. I signed up immediately (I’m member #7). Back when the world wasn’t on fire, I’d go down to write and sip something (Coffee, beer, wine in no particular order). I’d go to…

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Announcing the Denver Writers Slack Group

Twitter and Facebook are… well, equal parts great for community and dumpster fire :) I want to interact with more writers, especially those in Denver. Whether fellow SciFi folks or anyone else that is putting words to paper. Twitter and Facebook are cool, but something more intimate would be better (IMO). Ideally it won’t replace the plethora of social media groups and hashtags, but will provide a less cluttered place for Denver folks to chat amongst ourselves. Whether that’s about Denver book stores, meetups, or the craft is up to us. It’s “invite only” in the sense that you need to reach out to me, and I’ll invite you. I could set it up to let anyone join, but well, see the dumpster fire part up above. All are welcome…

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I’ll Always Vote Optimism

I’ll never stop voting for hope and optimism. There’s been a lot of discussion around the recent vote on Initiative 300 (feel free to read the initiative here and a great Denverite article, here). It passed by a narrow margin and immediately the hand-wringing commenced. The Mayor opposed it, saying it went “too far too fast” That feels like Mayor Hancock’s motto as most of his efforts seem to be closer to “Do little, talk a lot.” Here’s why I voted for it. It’s not an amendment to our state constitution, so while some argue it’s wording isn’t great, it can be revised and adjusted as we collect data on its implementation. It’s the result of builders and the city giving no fucks about Denver’s future. When the government and “The…

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WIP Thursday – Farsight corporation

In ‘Space Rogues 2: ‘Electric Boogaloo (It’s a working title)’ I wanted to explore a little bit more about Gabe, so I through in this exchange. Befitting of the theme of these posts, it’s a “work-in-progress.” I like what I’ve got, but it needs to be fleshed out a bit more, either in this scene or as we progress through the book. I feel like Gabe doesn’t get much attention, and want to fix that. Enjoy! -=-=-=-=-=-=- After a rather lengthy and at times stomach-turning explanation of Brailack culture and physiology, the crew grows silent again. Wil breaks the silence, “So who is this and what’s the job?” Zephyr takes a breath, “Her name is Prathea. She’s a chief scientist for one of the big multi-system corporations. Farsight Corp. she…

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