Time Management SQL Script

by John Wilker in Consulting

Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. I finished the SQL for the TMC. Creates the tables and stored procs and creates an admin user. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Link to file.

Flex Project… Go!!

by John Wilker in Consulting, Work

I was talking to a friend and he was saying he’s starting a flex project of his own. Get a more concrete grasp on the technology. Makes sense to me. While I wait for Roundpeg to land some Flex work I can do I figure I should experiment on my own. So starting next week […]

Time Management & Invoicing

by John Wilker in community, Work

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I worked on a project for an employer. They wanted some way for us developers (and eventually QA, and such) to track our time. The reason was two fold; see what we were spending our time on, and capitalize any new development in order to manage costs. […]