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Space Rogues 5 Pre-Orders are live, Go get it!

That’s right! Settled on a cover, have opened pre-orders! Are you chomping at the bit to see what kind of trouble our band of misfits can get into on Earth? Well the wait is almost over! December 23rd, just in time for folks to unwrap shiny new ereaders. You can pre-order here. If you know you want to read it please go grab your pre-order. I’m hoping to beat Space Rogues 4’s pre-orders. It’s an ego thing, sue me.

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Space Rogues 5 Cover reveal/WIP

Space Rogues 5 is officially with the editor! So… while I work on ideas for Space Rogues 6 (and a new series I hope you’ll enjoy) I took a bit of time to work on the cover. I’m not 100% sure this is the final version, but it’s the idea I’m going for. What do you think? I wanted to show the Ghost landed (You’ll have to get your copy when it comes out to find out where she’s landed), and wanted to see what it would look like to have her in a forest clearing.  

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Taking Notes When/Wherever

I’m a sucker for a gadget. With that out of the way, I’m also a sucker for writing things down. I’ve notebooks everywhere, but am not a fan of them. I’ve moved most of my note taking to my iPad and Goodnotes (Great app!) But I don’t carry my iPad around all the time. I tried carrying a Fieldnote and pen, didn’t love it. I got an awesome looking leather bound notebook, that looks awesome and kinda old-timey archeologist, but it’s a bit heavy, and I forget to grab it a lot. Then I stumbled across the Mobiscribe. It’s about as basic a gadget as you can get. Eink screen like a Kindle. Android OS. Passive stylus. Wifi. No Bluetooth. That’s it. It doesn’t ship with an email client or…

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A Nice Way to Start a Long Weekend

On a lark I submitted Space Rogues to the Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize. I don’t expect to win, but included in the entry fee was a critic’s review. I’m always looking for great pull quotes to use. Today I got an email that the review part was done. You can read it here, but here’s somet of the better bits. “Prose/Style: Dialogue-heavy at times, the book is fast-paced and fun, as well as funny. Descriptions, like the one of the robot Gabe, are precious and memorable.” Makes sense. I’m very much a dialogue person. I dislike pages of text telling the reader what’s happening, when clever dialogue can do it. “Character Development: The handsome hero is pilot Wil Calder, a human, but it’s the aliens and the bot who shine….

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