Stream Netflix on my PS3… Via a Blue Ray disc?

I’m not even sure where to start with how retarded this idea is.

I mean, I can stream Netflix in Boxee (post on that later), sounds like Windoze media center can stream Netflix. Roku boxes can stream it. Hell I can stream it on my Macbook!

So why is it that the only solution Sony and Netflix could come up with was a Blue Ray disc, that launched BD Live to access Netflix and stream the content? Really?

Why not a separate device that plugs into the PS3? Maybe a special modem? maybe a USB dongle that acts as hardware key on some software solution?

I don’t care if the disc is free or not, I don’t really see it as being worth the headache of 1. not losing the disc, 2. keeping it unscratched, and 3. putting it in every time I want to use it just to watch a movie.

I think I’ll stick with the other better solutions for now.

Sony/Netflix, please try again.

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