Solution: iCal, gCal, and iPhone. A happy threesome

If you followed my previous post about wanting to trade my Kingdom for a way to sync my iPhone, iCal, and gCal, you know that the current situation for an iPhone owner, with a gCal account is pretty much W.E.A.K.

the blackberry definitely one ups the iPhone in this category.

While I’m not 100% happy with my current solution (Thanks commenter Toby), it’s the best solution I’ve come up with so far. My environment is convoluted for sure, but can’t be unique.

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Trust the cloud

I saw a post on lifehacker about it, and it sparked some synapses. (knocking on wood) I’ve been lucky, my gmail accoutn has never been deleted or locked out, my MobileMe data has never been erased, etc. My biggest headache is the occassional Time Machine DMG corrpupting and having to start over again. Painful, but not end of the world. But this recent Gmail outage, reinforced a long time fear I’ve had. The cloud isn’t fool proof, and “do no evil” can stop being a mantra at any minute. Who knows if the Gmail outage was a true FUBAR, or jsut a gSlap to show us all how much we rely on Gmail. A gSlap heard ‘roudn the world as it were. I can’t argue that the convenience is not…

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