Denver’s Initiative 300. Good idea, bad implementation

I just had a twitter chat (twchat? twat? Chitter? I dunno) with my friend LeVar about Initiative 300 on the Denver ballot. I’m voting no, he’s voting yes. The right answer, there isn’t one, at least not in the current initiative. Here’s my understanding of 300. It forces small businesses to provide paid sick time […]

The Demise of Travel by Rail makes me sad

I have very fond memories of traveling from LA to Seattle by train with my mom and sister as a kid. It was part of our summer vacation, visiting friends and family. It was great. Watching the landscape fly by from the glass walled observation car. Grabbing snacks at the snack bar. Being able to […]

Free speech, so long as you don’t say anything

by John Wilker in politics, Random, Technology

I read this article the other day about a dude getting arrested for a tweet. My first reaction was, What. The. Fuck. My second and third, after reading the article, the same. The most obvious sign of retardedness to me is, in all the terror attacks of late, dating back to 9/11. Have the terrorists […]

The IP Czar cometh

So our soon to be ex-President has gone ahead and created a really lame goverment post. I thought republicans were anti big government? Didn’t this new Czar make government a bit bigger? the Pro-IP Act, essentially makes being a consumer a crime, yippy! Techcrunch has a good write up on. I’m completely opposed to the […]