My First Day with Pebble Time

I lingered around the house yesterday before heading out for a work function just so I could get my new Pebble Time. WORTH IT! I backed the Time the moment i heard about it. No regrets, it’s a nice piece of kit, at least so far in my first half a day ish, I’m really enjoying […]

Two things I’m very proud of

The other day I had the opportunity to take part in something super awesome. I’m almost embarrassed it took me this long to get involved. House of Genius, is to be blunt, awesome. I had the opportunity to present at the last gathering/meeting/whatever it’s called. I like Assemblage of awesome myself. Anyhow, the basic idea […]

The Present is finally here

So… It arrived. It took a while, but it’s here. And whether it was worth the wait or not, it’s here now, and it’s as awesome as I had hoped. Unboxing was quite nice, you can see that the packaging is nice and minimal. The clock is wrapped in nice tissue paper and bubble wrap. […]

iWatch Review: Pebble

by John Wilker in I am a Consumer, iPhone, reviews, Technology

I really hope Apple takes a while to deliver on their iWatch, at this point I have far more than I can wear without looking like i fell out of the 80’s with a few watches on my wrists. (Yeah I admit, i did that) I backed the Pebble watch the moment i saw it, […]