iWatch Review: MetaWatch

by John Wilker in iPhone, Mac, reviews, Technology

So a while back I did a review of my first iWatch (actually this was the first, but it was temporary). It was an ok watch, i had hoped for new features, and in the end the only firmware update that ever came out while adding new watch faces, didn’t do a ton more to make […]

Funny, That’s no how I see Kickstarter

Saw this yesterday, and while I agree on some level, Kickstarter isn’t Wal-Mart. I 100% disagree, with this reasoning “Strickler thinks that paying too much attention to deadlines draws focus away from where it belongs: on the “journey” to launching a new creation. “When we go see a movie, we don’t think about how long […]

My Problem with Kickstarter

To be clear I think it’s awesome and rarely a day goes by I don’t think one of two things. 1. What could I put up on Kickstarter? 2. Why didn’t I think of Kickstarter!? Anyhow, yeah I love it, if nothing else it shows just how much disposable income the US is sitting on […]

Thoughts on Kickstarter

by John Wilker in Business, I am a Consumer, Random

I saw this post about Gizmodo being done with kickstarter. They mentioned another post by Ryan Tate, saying the same thing. Their reasons for not being fans of kickstarter are their own, and while I agree Kickstarter needs some overhauling, I’m not opposed to it in general, in fact I’ve backed 3 things. I do […]