Meet the Crew of the Ghost – Cynthia

SPOILERS AHEAD if you’re just joining the adventures of the crew of the Ghost. You’ve been warned. Cynthia joins the crew after a few adventures. She doesn’t immediately mesh but quickly realizes that the crew of the Ghost has something she’s never had. Family. She grew up trained to be an assassin, then found herself working for a minor crime lord. Through acquisitions and mergers (the violent kind, I mean, crime bosses here) she ends up a lieutenant for Xarrix, head of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the GC. She’s Tygran, a race that’s part of the Galactic Commonwealth. The Tygran people are well-traveled and progressive, having established civil liberties and equal rights for droids. I wasn’t sure about Cynthia at first. I knew she’d show up…

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I was looking at old posts and remembered that I’d posted a “one month in” update on leaving KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited). Now it’s two months, so why not another update? First of all, the biggest challenge of being on all the eBook stores… Tracking. There aren’t very many great ways to track sales without going to each site to see the data. I’m hoping one day Book Report adds the other stores. Of course, Kindle is still the king. Recent developments (Amazon finally cracking down on scammers) have made me second guess going wide, but I still think it’s the best approach. I hope it’s a sacrificing short-term (KU page reads going into my bank account) thing for long-term (more people on more platforms, plus really Amazon needs some competition!)…

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WIP Thursday 6-28-18

I’m working on Space Rogues 3 and am really enjoying it. I feel like the crew is really coming together. I finished a scene last night that I loved, so here’s a bit of it! Oh! Before you go any further, SPOILER WARNING FOR SPACE ROGUES 2. -=-=- Seriously, spoilers -=-=- Not kidding! -==- “That was me,” Gabe says, walking into the lounge from the hatch that leads to engineering. “You and Bennie were unable to walk, so I carried you back to the ship and put you to bed.” “Uh. I woke up naked.” Wil says, starting to blush. “It was my understanding from Bennie that you sleep in the nude.” Gabe offers, coming to stand near the kitchenette. Zephyr stifles a laugh and Wil makes a sour looking…

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Space Rogues 2: Hot off the …. Presses?

Here it is! To say I’m excited is an understatement! The excitement is compounded by the upcoming wide release of not just Space Rogues 2, but of Space Rogues 1. Space Rogues 1 will be available on all the digital platforms on June 3. Space Rogues 2 will be available June 29! Both books are available for pre-order on all platforms right now! Go get ’em!   I’m really happy with everything about Space Rogues 2: Big Ship, Lots of Guns. The cover is amazing, I think the writing is pretty solid (My editor agrees!) and I think the universe I’m building is taking even more shape. We’re meeting more people and visiting more places, I’m gonna need an atlas soon!   I decided to take my work wide for…

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