WIP Thursday

It’s been a while since I posted my current WIP (Work In Progress). There’s a reason for that. ‘Space Rogues 2: Big Ship, Lots of Guns’ is now with the editor, YAY! So there hasn’t been a ton of new words put to page. Worry not, I’ve started on ‘Space Rogues 3: Something Something, Space is Dangerous (You know, working title)’ and have a few scenes to share! First though an update on Space Rogues 2, it should be done with the editor May 1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxiously twitching to get my hands on it and start the revisions. My goal is to launch towards the end of May. I want to give some ARC readers a chance to get it read first, post…

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Space Rogues 2 Cover and Title Now Final

Space Rogues 2: Big Ship, Lots of Guns That’s it! That’s the title, and this (Over to the right) is the cover! I’ve been typing (It’s a working title) for so long it’s almost second nature. Gonna take some getting used to not using it now, well for book 2 that is. Book 3 is officially underway so, you know, plenty of fun potential titles to come there. This cover though. An old friend who I used to see all the time via 360|Flex did the artwork. We traded a lot of emails going over my initial “here’s what I’m thinking”. I sent two really crappy doodles (you’ll have to get the book to see them, they’ll be included in the back). One, the one he chose had a scribble, ‘big…

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The Importance of Not Rushing

I’m not a patient person. Amazon two day (when it works) delivery is my friend. Amazon Prime Now is my best friend. I make a business decision and want to see the results immediately. I place an ad in AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) and I want to see it’s impact immediately. You see where I’m going with this. Patience, while a virtue, isn’t something I’m good at, and it often bites me. Today’s case in point. I published Space Rogues in August 2016. I rushed into it. It wasn’t well (at all) edited beyond me and friends. It had “developer art” for a cover. I should have waited. Over the next just over a year, I updated the manuscript (Hired an editor/proofreader), had the cover redone, etc. I track major…

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Starting is the Hardest Part of Writing

I’ve no idea what other writers do to get started on their writing, but for me, it’s a multi-step thing, before I ever start to type. Space Rogues is the only exception to this post (And yeah that means only 2 data points, inclusive, whatever). That was created, as I’ve said many times, without a plan of any kind. That said, Space Rogues 2, and now 3, both started like this: I start with my iPad and Goodnotes (my all-time most highly recommended, favorite iPad app). I start with just jotting down ideas; Questions about plot points, or existing loose ends I might want to tackle. Sometimes an idea will come in but isn’t a whole book, so it’ll get a little note about maybe it’s a subplot. As I…

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