The Strength of Social Proof

The original title of this post was, “Would you like a free copy of Space Rogues 2: I’ll have a Subtitle Soon, Promise (it’s a working title).” Catchier right? It’s also really long! LOL. So back to the title of this post, Social Proof. When you go to Amazon to buy a book, or a humidifier or a file cabinet, you look at reviews right? You look at the overall rating and scan the reviews. If you’re like me you weigh the good reviews with the more critical; you also look for the highest number of reviews. The more reviews you have available to look at the more likely you are to look at, let alone, buy that thing, right? I know that’s how I shop. So here’s the thing, launching…

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Yesterday I typed, ‘The End.’

Well, yesterday I typed two of my favorite words as a writer, “The End.” Not because I’m glad I’m done, but because I’m excited to share. Sometime this week I’ll be reviewing from the beginning and doing my first pass at cleaning it up. After that, I’ll ask for a beta reader or two to take a look at it. After that, an editor, then you all get to read it. I’ve learned a lot since publishing ‘Space Rogues‘ (You’ve read it right? If not, now’s a good time to grab it and get ready for the next chapter in the story.), namely, don’t rush to hit that magical ‘publish’ button. So I’m not. I’m going to make sure it’s really ready.   Version 1 (can’t take the programmer out…

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Writing, By the Numbers

I’ve always been (This won’t be surprising to those that know me) been an advocate of transparency. I realized in looking at the numbers this morning, I haven’t shared any numbers with Y’all around my writing. Probably not that interesting to most, but this is my blog, so… So, here goes, the Numbers. The numbers that go with this, as an example, for December are: Select (blue, Kindle Unlimited) $44.42, Royalties (red): $99.74, and Print (gray): $2.70 You can see that November was my best month. I think December would have been better, had I not spent a week and change not in KDP Select dipping my toes in the publishing wide waters. Someday, yes. Right now, no. It’s taken (More on that here) a while to get some upward trajectory…

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A follow up on Trying New Things

So I wrote earlier about my experiments in going wide/leaving KDP Select albeit briefly. I wanted to follow up on that, as it’s only now that things are starting to return to “normal”. Normal being what I was seeing before my last term with KDP Select ended. This is my overall sales rank graph. I extended the timeline to “All time” because well the choices are 30 days, or “all time” LOL. You can see that prior to departing KDP Select things were chugging along. I was keeping an average ranking in the low 20 thousands. Since I was struggling to reclaim ground even almost a month later, I decided to try two things to see if I could get a boost. I ran a Reign of Reads promotion tied to…

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