I wonder if Mark Millar watches movies?

by John Wilker in I am a Consumer, Random

I was catching up on my news feeds after traveling and came across this funny piece. Apparently Marvel Comics Consultant Mark Millar doesn’t think a Justice League Movie will work. One reason, he argues “I actually think the big problem for them is the characters are just too out of date. The characters were created […]

How Big is the Freakin’ Enterprise

by John Wilker in Random

I went and saw a sneak preview of Star Trek last night (possible spoilers ahead, but only about scale)

The first time the question came up wasin the beginning when a ship that looked more or less like enterprise without nacelles was attacked. The crew escaped, in shuttles. Lots of shuttles, from a hanger deack that looked like the inside of an aircraft carrier. From the Commercials we know that Jim Kirks dad saved the crew, all 800 of them. 800? Enterprise had a compliment of no where near 800. So as to secure my geek cred for another year I’ll point out that in the original Pre Abrams Canon teh crew compliment of Enterprise (TOS and Movies) was in the 430 range.