The Demise of Travel by Rail makes me sad

I have very fond memories of traveling from LA to Seattle by train with my mom and sister as a kid. It was part of our summer vacation, visiting friends and family. It was great. Watching the landscape fly by from the glass walled observation car. Grabbing snacks at the snack bar. Being able to […]

Our Country’s new CTO, un qualified for the job

by John Wilker in I am a Consumer, politics, Technology

While I think a great many Silicon Valley CEOs are douchebag tards too busy telling each other how great they are, I think a great many (and many non CA CEOs) are highly intelligent, savvy guys (and gals). All very much people I’d be happy to see serve their country as our CTO.

Obama Rally in Denver; 100,000 in the park

by John Wilker in politics

Juan and Grace joined me in Civic Center Park yesterday for the Barack Obama rally.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but when Juan pinged me to ask if I was going, I figured why not. I walked down to 16th st and took the mall ride to Civic Center park.

The American CTO. Not the Technology Czar?

by John Wilker in Business, politics, Random

saw this on techcrunch. Business week is talking about soon to be President Obama’s plan to create a cabinet level post of CTO, and who the front runners are for the job.

The top names according to BW are: