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WIP Thursday 10/24

I’m nearly done with Adventure Inc. Book One: Let’s Adventure (It’s a working title). I’m really liking this group of characters and can’t wait to see what adventures they get into.   Sofia handed Jason a pistol from one of the guards and knelt to rummage through the myriad pockets and pouches in their uniforms. She withdrew zip ties and moved to take care of the three unconscious men. Looking at the one with the knife wound she looked at Jason, “Savage.” He shrugged, “I said I was sorry.” Thinking he had an opportunity the African man took a step toward Jason, who immediately re-aimed his pistol center mass on the man. “Cute, not stupid,” He said smiling. The other man scowled. Sofia walked over and gestured for the man…

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Why eContent should NEVER cost the same as printed

Beyond the ridiculously obvious “you get nothing physical” there’s a lot of reasons why an eBook shouldn’t cost as much as any printed version.

Let’s look at what goes into the price of a printed book vs. an eBook.

Writing: well yeah that happens for both, kinda a requirement.

editing: ditto, even Steven King has a type-O from time to time.

marketing: sure, though it’s value is varied, depending on your outlook.

printing: not for eBooks.

distribution: only for the dead tree versions.

shelf space, depreciation, discount selling: eBooks don’t suffer that.

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