Clone Wars (The Star Wars I want)

From the start it’s hard to imagine that The Clone Wars is a children’s show. It’s a cartoon, sure, but for kids? I’d argue not really. But that’s not point here, I don’t care if your kids watch war cartoons or not. I just wanted to share how much I’m loving this (second) final season. As much as love Star Wars, I’m not that big a fan of most of what’s on offer right now (Book, show or movies). I loved much of the now non-canon legends stuff, and in re-watching Clone Wars I’m super stoked to read the High Republic stuff when it starts getting released. One of the things I’ve long been irked by what feels like unimaginative story-telling. The prequels were ok (so long as you ignore…

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I failed my 2019 reading challenge.

I’ve been doing the Goodreads reading challenge since, well I think since they started. This is the first year I’ve failed. It’s a bummer for sure, but (Without looking to confirm) this is the first year in a while where I read a fair bit of business books. I’ve spent nearly a decade kinda burnt out on them after reading nothing but business books for years. As I’ve gotten more and more serious about becoming a full-time author though there’s a lot to learn about the business side (plus the craft side as well) and I realize that I read non-fiction much slower than I read fiction. Between re-reading bits, and taking time to digest things, it just slows down the consumption quite a bit. Which isn’t a bad thing….

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