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Ever Wonder what Fury Looked Like?

I’m working with the awesome Greg Bahlman on the cover for Space Rogues 7: A Guy Walks Into a Bar and he sent over a quick sketch to show the blocking he’s thinking about. I toyed with a landed Ghost for the cover of Space Rogues 5: So This is Earth? but it was a bit cartoony (Because I did myself with stock assets) and when I polled readers, they weren’t feelin’ it. But for Book 7 it made sense for the cover to show the Ghost in one of her most frequent haunts, a spaceport on the planet Fury; dingy dirtball that it is. Book 7 actually gives us a glimpse of life on Fury beyond the spaceport, market and the space Friday’s the crew hangs out in. I’m…

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Meet Jace Caruso (WIP Friday…)

I’ve hit the point in my writing where I’m comfortable in branching out. Not too far out as you’ll see, but outside the Space Rogues universe. I’ve only written two scenes so far, but I have most of this story in my head, and the rest, like all my work, I’ll discover as I go. Jace is our hero. He’s in a universe where humanity has expanded to the stars, settling planets, causing wars, doing all the stuff we’re good at here on Earth but on a cosmic scale. I’m exploring his background as I go, but know already that he’s a loner. He’s long since gotten over having people in his life. Excerpt from Chapter 1 … Jace nodded, “Yeah, I had to lay low after that ass-kicking I…

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WIP Thur–Friday 4/3 High Stakes

The crew of the Ghost often finds themselves on the bad side of someone, whether it’s pirates, mega-corporations or powerful politicians. Sometimes it goes better than others. The Ghost is standing where they left her. The two hover vans that brought the work crew are still parked near the starboard engine nacelle.Wil is out of breath by the time they get close enough to the ship to see the first body. A quilant man is sprawled at the foot of the cargo ramp.“Oh dren.” Cynthia swears as she kneels to check the being. She looks at her friend and shakes her head once. The three of them draw their sidearms and walk up the ramp slowly. Zephyr is in the lead. At the top of the ramp are two more…

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Meet the Crew of the Ghost – Bennie

Ben-Ari Vulvo is a Brailack. He’s also an asshole. He met Wil early on in Wil’s career as a smuggler, helping him get an ident (Space drivers license) and a clean, albeit fake, transponder id for the Ghost (Then the Reaper). When Wil brought Maxim and Zephyr to Fury for clean idents of their own, he sent them to Bennie. After some sewer crawling and general abraisiveness, Bennie and the wayward ex-Peacekeepers make it back to the Ghost and begin a life of being “Space Rogues”. Bennie has issues with personal space and property, often hacking into Wil’s personal data archive to watch Earth movies and TV shows. He also views door locks as minor inconveniences and often visits the rooms of his crewmates when they’re not around. Often ‘borrowing’…

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