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Do you need to organize a Hackathon?

Some companies can rock their own hackathons! Developer evangelists do a good job with hackathons, but not all companies have developer evangelists, and not all developer evangelists can or want to organize events. That’s where I’d like to come in. I love organizing events, turns out I’m not half bad at it either. Have you been thinking about introducing your API or platform to developers and designers? Maybe you’ve got new things to show your existing communities, hackathons are great ways to galvanize community around what you offer. Generate awesome new ideas or companies (Startup weekend style) as well as find awesome new talent.   So there it is, you’re looking to do a hackathon and need some help actually doing it, Ping me. I’d love to talk to you about…

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to tweet or to That’s the question

so yeah has almost 12,00o people on board, all of which at a minimum paid $50/year. some paid more though for API access etc. That’s awesome congrats to them! Much like I want Samsung or someone to make a tablet that competes with the iPad, I’m glad someone is tryin to steal Twitter’s lunch money. I hope they succeed. Twitter is a classic example of a company sitting around, killing it’s most loyal fan base to appeal to advertisers while doing nothing of value for users. Promoted tweets, trades $ for my attention, which isn’t cool because it’s my attention to sell, not twitters’. Twitter has done nothing to tackle spam, one of the things that is appealling about is it’s likely to be spam free, or at…

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Why I moved to

I’ve been reading the news and opinions about Sparrow’s acquisition (good for them!) It’s funny how these cycles go, and it’s almost always the same. First is the news of the acquisition and almost always death of the much loved product. Then there’s the “OMFG I Hate them, they sold out” Then there’s the “You entitled pricks are pricks and aren’t owed shit” Then there’s the  “We aren’t owed things, but there is a sort of unspoken contract” I think all three are valid. Some folks just felt mad they paid money (whether the amount is significant or not is in the eye of the spender) for abandon-ware. Some  like to take the enlightened I’m-smarter-than-you approach and some like the look at things objectively. Each has it’s merits. This is…

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I Am Not Busy

I’ve talked about being busy before. Lately it’s kind of come back around again with a post in of the NYT titled “The ‘Busy’ Trap” I’m not busy. When a friend says “let’s go get coffee” I go. When my wife IM’s and asks if I want to take a walk, I go. When Bike to work day happens, I ride in it. When there’s a party in a park, I go to it. When an opportunity to take a trip with my wife comes up, I take it. I get my work done though. It just doesn’t consume me. I run my own business, two of them actually. If anyone should be busy I could argue it’s me. But I’m not. Do I have things to do? Yes many of…

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