And that’s why Starbucks/T-Mobile suck

I work from home, which rocks! I can work in my underwear if the mood strikes, it hasn’t… yet. Sometimes I like to get out of the house and work someplace else. Cabin fever is real people!!! It’s not people (that would be Soylent Green) , but it is real. I wanted to get the car washed so I headed down to the shopping center a few miles from the house. Got the car washed and had my choice of venues. Panera Bread (free Wifi) or Starbucks (tMobile hotspot). I figured I’d hit the starbucks for a few reasons; primary among them, I’m already paying 30 freaking dollars a month for Hotspot, secondary to that, I really like Mocha Frappacinos (sp). I get there, get my Venti Mocha Frap… and…

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