Denver Startup Week

Denver’s First ever Startup Week is almost here. In fact it’s the week of October 22nd.  If this is news to you, I’m glad I caught you with enough time to do something. There’s a lot on the schedule for the week, and more, much more being added. I want to highlight the things I’m […]

Do something that matters

by John Wilker in 360Conferences, Business, community, Work

I’m not by any means a Tm O’Reilly fan boy, half his posts I don’t agree with, but when I do, I seem to really agree. This is one of those.

My only gripe is that it’s easy for people with funds, to talk about doing things for reasons other than money, unfortunately, “changing the world” isn’t a check the mortgage company can cash, so it’s not so cut ant dry. So point 1 only does so much for me, although I do agree with Kathy, that if you focus too much on the competition, and not enough on your customers, you’ve already lost.