WIP Thursday 11/1/18

Been a while since the last WIP post. I have a good excuse though! I’ve wrapped up Space Rogues 3; the cover is being created, the manuscript is heading to the editor, and I’ve already started working on the first draft of Space Rogues 4: Space is Dangerous (It’s a working title). I’m really excited to release Space Rogues 3: The Behemoth Job! I hope you like it! Until then, enjoy one of the first scenes in Space Rogues 4. He starts chewing, “They don’t like me, because I’m smarter.” Maxim laughs, “No offense my friend, but these people are some of the best and brightest of the Galactic Commonwealth.” He cuts off another piece of jerlack steak and between chews, adds, “They’re paying really well, don’t screw this up…

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WIP Thursday 6-28-18

I’m working on Space Rogues 3 and am really enjoying it. I feel like the crew is really coming together. I finished a scene last night that I loved, so here’s a bit of it! Oh! Before you go any further, SPOILER WARNING FOR SPACE ROGUES 2. -=-=- Seriously, spoilers -=-=- Not kidding! -==- “That was me,” Gabe says, walking into the lounge from the hatch that leads to engineering. “You and Bennie were unable to walk, so I carried you back to the ship and put you to bed.” “Uh. I woke up naked.” Wil says, starting to blush. “It was my understanding from Bennie that you sleep in the nude.” Gabe offers, coming to stand near the kitchenette. Zephyr stifles a laugh and Wil makes a sour looking…

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