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Is it just me or is ‘omnibus’ just a cool word that sounds super technical and imposing, despite being a synonym for ‘box set’? At any rate, regardless of our opinion of the word ‘omnibus’, I’m releasing one. With Space Rogues 4 in beta readers’ hands, I’m working on a little side(ish) project, an omnibus of Space Rogues books 1 through 3. As a fun bonus, it’ll include ‘Merry Garthflak, Wil‘ the short story set shortly after Book 1. The other fun thing with this is that (at least right now) I’m playing with cover ideas. I like using all three iterations of the Ghost on the cover, showing it’s evolution as the books have progressed. It’s either going to be this, or just images of the existing book covers,…

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Work In Progress Thursday: That’s a Big Door

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting WIP Thursday posts. Sorry. Anyhow, here’s something From around the middle of ‘Space Rogues 2: I Really Gotta Figure out This Subtitle Thing’ (It’s a working title). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Maxim edges around a corner, two levels down from where Team One and Two split up, “Clear.” Prathea comes around the corner, “What’s that?” Jor’Lu follows and gazes down the corridor, “A ramp.” The squat Palorian looks up at her colleague and sighs, “Why is there a ramp and not a lift?” Maxim peers down the corridor and the ramp to the level below. He shrugs, “Ramps are easier for mobility. Things without legs and such can work with a ramp quite quickly.” Gabe walks around the corner, heading down the ramp. He turns his…

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WIP Thursday – NaNoWriMo has begun!

So, NaNoWriMo has begun! Last year, I wrote ‘Space Rogues‘ and since ‘Space Rogues 2: The Wrath of Khan… er.. Zarrix (It’s a working title)’ is well underway (about 20k words in) I decided to do something I’ve never done. Short stories, novellas, not sure which yet. I guess it’ll depend on when I finish them. My plan for NaNoWriMo is was to write two such stories. They’ll be set in the Space Rogues Universe and will be set between the first and second books. Each will be a self-contained story and designed to be small vignettes into the lives of the crew.   I’m close to wrapping up ‘Merry Garthflak, Wil’ but with work stuff, trying to buy and sell houses, plan a move, etc writing time has been more…

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